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There is another Eduction (Edux) testimonial up at http://eductiontheory.com/eduction-testimonial-00002/


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I’ve been fooling around with Twitter and Facebook for awhile. I’m not a huge fan of technology per se, but I realize that these things can be helpful at getting the message across. (Assuming you have a message.)

The present project is to tweak an HTML version of  “Numbers Juggling – Times without the Tables” e-booklet, for inclusion on amazon.com for use on the Kindle. Recently a Kindle iPhone and iPod-Touch app has been released. That should broaden the market for e-books, and I want to jump right on that. 

The coding is a pain in the butt, but it’s coming along and should be done in a day or two. 

Also, just put up another post at the Math Mojo Chronicles about homeschool blogging moms.

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I just finished writing an post about the wars between “traditionalist” and “constructivist” math education.

It’s a pain in the behind listening to each group snipe at each other, when both of them are ignoring some of the essentials of education, like, there is no one best way to teach all students.

Check it out at “Math Wars” on The Math Mojo Chronicles.

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