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There’s a post about superior learning methods at The Math Mojo Chronicles this week.

Probably everyone who’s ever tried to help someone from another generation or culture has run up against this – “But the teacher said we had to do it their way…”

What if the teacher’s way sucks? Or what if the teacher doesn’t even like that way, but is handcuffed by the administration, or the benighted No Child Left Behind Act?

The first of two articles in The Math Mojo Chronicles gives you some hints for how to deal with this.


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There is a nice lesson about area, and how to think about it and use it at  The Math Mojo Chronicles today.

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Math Tests

There’s a new post about the crazy way we administer math tests at http://mathmojo.com/chronicles/2009/09/12/new-school-year-math-test-thoughts/

It’s worth checking out if you, like me, think the way we test is one of the reasons so many students unnecessarily hate math.

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One of the tragedies of American (and other) schools is that something as simple and important as multiplication isn’t taught well at all. We still hear things like “multiplication is repeated addition” (it is not), and “multiplication makes things bigger.” 

The latter statement is one of the truisms that totally screws kids up when they get to fractions. Part of the tragedy is that most teachers do not have a meaningful grasp of what multiplication (or math in general) actually is. 

I’ve written a booklet that comes with an e-course, that explains a very simple but effective way to teach basic multiplication from 0 – 10) in virtually minutes. Yes, really, minutes. No one ever needs to forget what 7 x 8 is ever again. 

Check out my site about Learning to Multiply, and find out more.

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I just finished writing an post about the wars between “traditionalist” and “constructivist” math education.

It’s a pain in the behind listening to each group snipe at each other, when both of them are ignoring some of the essentials of education, like, there is no one best way to teach all students.

Check it out at “Math Wars” on The Math Mojo Chronicles.

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